Nappy Sizing

BeBops are a one size nappy, so you only need the one nappy from birth through to toilet training. The way this is possible is the 3 rows of 3 snaps on the rise of the nappy. Below is a chart with weight ranges and descriptions. The weight ranges are only a guide and you may find that a particular size fits for a longer or shorter period.  All babies grow at different rates, but as there are multiple sizes in the nappy you shouldn't have issues with finding the right fit.

BeBops Nappies have two rows of 8 snaps across the tummy for a highly adjustable sizing around the waist. This system allows your nappy to grow with your baby, getting a great fit every time. See the BeBops Babies page for more pictures.



Small: the nappy is snapped right down to give the smallest rise. Fits size approx 3.5 - 8kg


Medium: the nappy is snapped down one level to give a medium rise. Fits size approx 6 - 13kg
Large: the rise snaps are fully unsnapped to give the longest rise. Fits size approx 10 - 17kg