BeBops pocket nappies require an absorbant insert.  Our BeBops pocket nappies come with three different options for inserts to suit your budget & needs:

  1. No inserts: use what you already have, old school cotton flats, cotton prefolds or even cut up old towels.  So long as it is absorbent and it fits without overstuffing the pocket, it will work.
  2. Triple-layer microfibre inserts: a single microfibre insert is a great value option for younger babies, light wetters or frequent changes.  Microfibre is a quick absorber and holds many times it's own weight in liquid.  Layered inserts often take longer to dry than the outside pockets (particularly during winter), so it is often good to have more inserts than pockets.  (Please note, microfibre must be placed in the pocket and should never be in contact with skin as it is extremely drying).
  3. BeBops snapped microfibre & bamboo inserts: for the best absorbency for older children, heavy wetters, nap time or to allow the nappy to last longer between changes then we recommend our special BeBops inserts.  Combining microfibre and bamboo gives the best of both worlds and these inserts cleverly snap together to make stuffing the pockets easier.  Combine with our additional hemp/microfibre booster for overnight use.

Being a OSFM means the nappies will fit from birth to 17kg+. The snaps up the front of the nappy allow you to extend the rise or length as your baby grows and the snaps along the top around the tummy give you a huge range of stages to ensure a perfect fit every time